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    SDCC ’18: Marvel Reveals “X-Men: Black” and “Uncanny X-Men” Return

    By | July 22nd, 2018
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    Marvel’s X-Men panel on the last day of San Diego Comic-Con revealed exactly what that “X-Men: Black” and other X-related teasers earlier in the week were about. The panel revealed that “X-Men: Black” is actually a series of five one-shots set to run weekly in October, with a back-up story about Apocalypse, and that “Uncanny X-Men” will be returning in November.

    The one-shots and creative teams for the “X-Men: Black” books are:

    • “Magneto” #1 written by Chris Claremont with art from Dalibor Talajic
    • “Mojo” #1 written by Scott Auckerman with art from Nick Bradshaw
    • “Mystique” #1 written by Seanan McGuire with art from Marco Failla
    • “Juggernaut” #1 written by Robbie Thompson with art from Shawn Crystal
    • “Emma Frost” #1 written by Leah Williams with art from Chris Bachelo

    The books will all have an Apocalypse back-up story written by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson (and illustrated by an unannounced artist). All the one-shots will have covers by J. Scott Campbell. While stating that “Uncanny X-Men” would return in November, no creative team details were announced. The last “Uncanny X-Men” title starred a team led by Magneto and ended in 2016. It’s possible that the book will spin out of the upcoming X-Men event, ‘Extermination,’ which is rumored to send the time-displaced original five X-Men from “X-Men: Blue” back to their own time. Both “X-Men: Blue” and “X-Men: Gold” end in September.

    Other news revealed on the panel included:

    – Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman’s upcoming “Iceman” book will star Mister Sinister and Emma Frost as antagonists.

    – Laura Kinney’s name change from Wolverine to X-23 will be addressed in an upcoming issue of “X-23” from Mariko Tamaki and Juann Cabal, which debuted this month.

    – Charles Soule, writer of the upcoming “Return of Wolverine” miniseries with artist Steve McNiven, revealed that Wolverine’s heated claws in that series were inspired by the Marvel vs. Capcom video game.

    – McGuire and Marco Failla’s upcoming “X-Men: Gold Annual” #2 follows Kitty Pryde and takes place in past continuity right after the ‘Days of Future Past’ arc.

    – Marvel Editor-in-Chief and panel moderator C.B. Cebulski revealed that the company has big plans for Quentin Quire coming up. Cebulski also stated that Kitty and Colossus were originally supposed to get married, but the story evolved otherwise.

    You can find a look at the entire panel over at Newsarama.

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