Flash Appreciation Day

The Flash Francis Manapul Art Feature
Art Of The Flash

By | Feb 11, 2016 | Art Feature

Welcome to Flash Day! Here at Multiversity Comics, we’re celebrating everything about our favourite Scarlet Speedster all day. This is Art Of The Flash where, much like Art Of The Week, we’re going to be showcasing some of our favourite pieces of art featuring The Flash. Obviously, this isn’t going to be an extensive list […]

The Flash: Emergency Stop

By | Feb 11, 2016 | Reviews

The 90s were a weird time for comics, especially for DC’s heroes.. Batman had his back broken by a Luchadore on steroids. Superman died, came back and briefly turned in two red and blue electric variants of himself. Green Lantern got possessed by the yellow entity of fear, killed the entire Green Lantern Corps and […]

flash comics 1 jay garrick feature Annotations
A Young Scientist Is Exposed to Hard Water Fumes, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

By | Feb 11, 2016 | Annotations

Every superhero has an origin story. Murdered parents, destroyed home world, that sort of thing. Actually, come to think of it, DC’s (arguably) biggest heroes all have origins that relate to their parents.  Batman’s parents died in front of him. Superman’s parents (also dead) sent him to earth to escape their doomed planet. Wonder Woman’s […]

Crisis on Finite Earths: The Robots From Tomorrow / DC3cast Crossover!

By , , , and | Feb 11, 2016 | Podcasts

It’s Flash Appreciation Day at Multiversity Comics, and what better could we celebrate than by throwing together a Crisis-style crossover with the DC3cast? Tune is as Mike, Greg, Zach, Vince and Brian discuss their favorite iterations of The Scarlet Speedster, with conversation spanning from The Golden Age to modern television. Did Jay Garrick really kill […]

Flash Allred Feature News
It’s Flash Appreciation Day!

By | Feb 11, 2016 | News

Every now and then, we get an opportunity to participate in something really cool, and today is one of those days. The Hero Initiative and Nothing But Comics have organized this very fun day in an effort to shine a light on the greatest speedster of all, the Flash. So, all day today, we are […]