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Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “House of El”

By | March 29th, 2018
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This episode of Krypton is used to set up the storyline and plot of the series more than anything, as we do not see to much action or development. At the forefront is Adam Strange needing to convince Seg-El that his claims about Seg’s grandfather are true and that Brainiac is coming. We also learn more about Seg-El’s inner turmoil, Lyta-Zod’s talents as a warrior, and the workings of Daren-Vex’s relationship with the Voice of Rao.

1. Lyta’s Role

I am excited to see the interplay between Lyta and Seg’s respective goals and how they affect each other’s plans throughout the show. By the end of this episode, Lyta is in a position of power and influence that will inevitably be affected by the wishes of her mother, Jayna. Lyta can now carry out her mission in equalizing the ranked and unranked citizens of Kandor. While this coincides with Seg’s overall values, Seg’s ulterior motive of carrying out Adam Strange’s mission will inevitably cause turmoil between Seg and Lyta. Let us also not forget that these two have a clandestine relationship. All of these variables promise to lead to something exciting.

2. Phantom Zone

I like how they’re using the Phantom Zone. When a projection of Seg’s grandfather, Val-El, explains to Seg that he used this place to travel through space and time, it’s a nice spin on the standard use of the Phantom Zone. ]To my knowledge, this place has only been used a prison in DC (notably for Doomsday and other top-level villains) and is not fleshed out much beyond that. It’s smart to use this dimension for something different, giving the show a more familiar and homey-sort of feel.

3. Zeta Beams

Similar to the above, Krypton is somewhat repurposing Zeta Beams as well. As far as I’m aware, Zeta Beams are only able to teleport someone to various locations within one time period. In the show, Strange claims that he used the Zeta Beams to travel through time and space to Seg and Krypton. I assume that this is not the last we’ve heard of this technology, as Strange will have to call upon it again at some point. There’s also the fact that we have access to the Fortress of Solitude via Seg and his blood (which is required to jumpstart the computer). I wouldn’t be surprised if Strange is eventually able use Zeta Beams and other future technology due to the Fortress (or at least with its help).

4. Adam Strange and Kem’s Relationship

These two (especially the latter) are clearly the comic relief of the show. They are both knowledgeable yet have a casual tone to them, making them accessible and likable. It’s a fun side of the show that will surely be developed.

5. The Voice of Rao

I’m placing bets on the Voice of Rao being a big character-reveal eventually in this show. The Voice of Rao (VOR) seems to be the true leader of Kandor’s Oligarchy. Daron-Vex truly treats him like a sage and is the first one whom he shows any sort of submission and reverence towards. What are the Voice of Rao’s intentions? During this episode, he goes against Daron-Vex’s wishes to keep Seg out of the Science Guild by giving him permission to join. This makes me think that the VOR actually wants Seg to find Brainiac, or at least has some sort of hidden motive related to it. Whatever it is, it will certainly be autonomous from what the rest of the House of Vex thinks it is. I have to say, I am enjoying the way the show portrays religious hierarchies and their relationship from sovereign governments. I’m excited to see how they’ll let it all play out.

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