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“The Silence of Our Friends”

By | Feb 12, 2018 | Reviews

In 1967 Houston, white and black families didn’t mix. Their worlds were completely separate. In 1967, writer Mark Long’s father, then a reporter for a local television station, made friends with a black activist while reporting on anti-racist student movements. “The Silence of Our Friends” is about crossing that racial line, and it’s about a […]

magritte-this-is-not-a-biography-Featured Reviews
“Magritte: This is Not a Biography”

By | Jan 15, 2018 | Reviews

How do you go about trying to understand a surreal mind? How do you explore a body of work and a life that purposefully highlights contradictions and runs from conventional narratives of understanding? For artist Thomas Campi and writer Vincent Zabus, exploring the life and work of Surrealist painter René Magritte means looking through the […]


By | Dec 18, 2017 | Reviews

With “Roots” Tara O’Connor plants seeds that sometimes branches into interesting places, exploring her journey across the whole island of Ireland as she searches for her familial roots and lays down new romantic roots that hopefully grows into something strong and beautiful as an oak. The problem with “Roots,” however is that none of these […]

Sex-Criminals-1-Featured Reviews
“Sex Criminals” #1

By | Dec 4, 2017 | Reviews

The opening captions of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s “Sex Criminals” ask us not to judge as we see our leads, Jon and Suzie, having sex in a public bathroom. At the point of climax, pink, blue and purple swirls of light as time freezes, it would be beautiful if it wasn’t for Jon’s cumface […]

Bottled-Featured Reviews

By | Nov 13, 2017 | Reviews

With “Bottled,” Australian cartoonist Chris Gooch makes a somewhat frustrating graphic novel debut. Frustrating in that this story of mundane millennial alienation and jealousy escalating into something unsettling, has all of the parts of something really good, something right up my alley; however, these great parts don’t quite click together. But they almost do. Written […]

Spinning-Featured Reviews

By | Oct 9, 2017 | Reviews

21-year-old cartoonist Tillie Walden has, in the two years since her graphic novel debut, won two Ignatz Awards (Best New Talent and Outstanding Artist, both in 2016) and been nominated for an Eisner (Best Digital Comic, in 2017). So, her new release, a graphic memoir focusing on her 12 years as a competitive figure skater, […]

barrier_featured Reviews

By | Aug 23, 2017 | Reviews

Superstar writer Brian K. Vaughan, artist Marcos Martin, and colourist Munsta Vincente’s second series on their Panel Syndicate webcomics platform, “Barrier,” wears its progressive politics on its sleeve, while always remaining focused on character, never becoming preachy. Written by Brian K. Vaughan Illustrated by Marcos Martin Coloured by Munsta Vincente An unconventional drama about violence, […]

boundless featured Reviews

By | Jul 5, 2017 | Reviews

Jillian Tamaki’s new collection of varied and emotional short comics stories, “Boundless,” uniquely explores modern life while pushing the boundaries of the form. Written and Illustrated By Jillian Tamaki Jenny becomes obsessed with a strange “mirror Facebook,” which presents an alternate, possibly better, version of herself. Helen finds her clothes growing baggy, her shoes looser, […]

Hostage Featured Reviews

By | Jun 6, 2017 | Reviews

French-Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle takes us to an empty room and handcuffs us to a radiator as he immerses us in a viscerally intimate retelling of Christophe André’s time as a captive in Chechnya. Written and Illustrated by Guy Delisle In the middle of the night in 1997, Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe André was […]

Collecting Sticks Featured Reviews
“Collecting Sticks”

By | May 8, 2017 | Reviews

Joe Decie takes us on a holiday to the woods with his young family in his funny and relatable new graphic novel. Decie captures all the drama of a glamping (glamourous camping) trip; the packing; the getting lost on the drive; the worrying about leaving the oven on at home; in a way that remains […]

Rolling Blackouts Featured Reviews
“Rolling Blackouts”

By | Mar 27, 2017 | Reviews

Sarah Glidden takes us through Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, exploring the nuances and humanity of a region that is often discussed in generalisations and assumptions as well as the challenges of journalism. Written and illustrated by Sarah Glidden Cartoonist Sarah Glidden accompanies her two friends—reporters and founders of a journalism non-profit—as they research potential stories […]


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