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Relay #1 featured Reviews
“Relay” #1

By | Jul 13, 2018 | Reviews

A mysterious monolith urges a world to be found while the whole galaxy undergoes cultural homogenization. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Zac Thompson Illustrated by Andy Clarke Colored by Jose Villarubia & Dan Brown Lettered by Charles Pritchett A perfect future of intergalactic travel and community. Every newly discovered planet is unified […]

Paradiso #5 featured Reviews
“Paradiso” #5

By | Jul 6, 2018 | Reviews

Karin, Jack, Noira, and Vance depart from Arbuck and head for Centrum, but ‘Diso has other plans in store. The sentient city has a darker underside that begs to be explored. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Ram V Illustrated by Devmalya Pramanik Colored by Alba Cardona Gil Lettered by Aditya Bidikar “DARK […]

Batman 49 Featured Columns
This Month in Comics: June 2018

By | Jul 3, 2018 | Columns

“June is the gateway to summer” and summer is the season of comic cons. The cons may not have started quite yet, but the never-ending torrent of comics hasn’t slowed down in the least. After wading through a slew of comics, I’ve selected my favorites for June. And please, do beware of spoilers. Best Issue: […]

Bloodstrike #23 featured Reviews
“Bloodstrike” #23

By | Jun 28, 2018 | Reviews

Michel Fiffe continues his inimitable revival of “Bloodstrike” as Tag investigates a string of murders and Max searches to cure his bodily deterioration. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written, Illustrated, Colored, and Lettered by Michel Fiffe “BRUTALISTS,” Part Two Bureaucratic overlords with morbid agendas need love, too. What lengths will they go to? A […]

Shanghai Red #1 featured Reviews
Pick of the Week: “Shanghai Red” #1

By | Jun 21, 2018 | Pick of the Week, Reviews

Shanghaied from Portland years ago, Red now returns with murder on her mind. It’s sure to be a bloody homecoming. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Christopher Sebela Illustrated & Colored by Joshua Hixson Lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Red is one of hundreds shanghaied out of Portland in the late 1800s. Drugged, kidnapped, […]

The Weatherman #1 featured Reviews
“The Weatherman” #1

By | Jun 15, 2018 | Reviews

A Martian weatherman can’t forecast the shitstorm about to rain down on his life. Our review—and especially the official synopsis—will contain spoilers. Written by Jody Leheup Illustrated by Nathan Fox Colored by Dave Stewart Lettered by Steve Wands Nathan Bright had it all: an awesome girlfriend, a kickass dog, and a job as the number […]

“Sword Daughter” #1

By | Jun 7, 2018 | Reviews

A village burns, a father sleeps, and a young girl takes up the sword. The newest tale by Dark Horse comics taps into something both primordial and literary, inspired by the quietude of Japanese samurai cinema. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Brian Wood Illustrated by Mack Chater Colored by Jose Villarrubia Lettered […]

2021 Lost Children #1 Featured Reviews
“2021: Lost Children” #1

By | Jun 1, 2018 | Reviews

From within the crumbling remnants of a seceded Detroit, a quartet of mutant children attempts to stop an insurgent with psychic powers. As the newest translated comic from Statix Press, does this French comic make the grade or is something lost in translation? Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Stephane Betbeder Illustrated by […]

flavor-1-feature Reviews
“Flavor” #1

By | May 18, 2018 | Reviews

A young chef struggles to provide for her family’s restaurant as a mysterious threat lurks outside the city’s walls. If you’re craving a new food comic that aims to rival the likes of a Studio Ghibli feature, then “Flavor” will deliver. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Joseph Keatinge Illustrated by Wook Jin […]

Prism Stalker #3 featured Reviews
“Prism Stalker” #3

By | May 11, 2018 | Reviews

After being whisked away from her colony, Vep begins training in the pneumatic arts. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written & illustrated by Sloane Leong Lettered by Ariana Maher Vep enters the world of pneumatic martial arts: combat focused on dismantling the resolve of an opponent, commanding their will, and dissolving their effect through […]

DeathBed #3 featured Reviews
“Deathbed” #3

By | Apr 20, 2018 | Reviews

What happens when you’re reacquainted with a cult you founded decades ago? Luna and Val explore the Church of Luna for their next adventure in Hollow Earth. Our review will contain minor spoilers. Written by Joshua Williamson Illustrated by Riley Rossmo Colored by Ivan Plascencia Lettered by Deron Bennett Have you ever felt alone? Lost? […]


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