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Darth Vader #1 Featured Reviews
Darth Vader #1

By | Jun 9, 2017 | Reviews

“Darth Vader” #1 presents a new take on an old era, expanding upon known elements in a new way. Written by Charles Soule and Chris Eliopoulos Illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Chris Eliopoulos Colored by David Curiel and Jordie Bellaire Lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna The most fearsome villain of all time returns with an […]

Romulus #4 Featured Reviews
“Romulus” #4

By | Jun 2, 2017 | Reviews

In the conclusion of the first arc of “Romulus,” Bryan Hill and Nelson Blake II forge an end to one story in this secretive conflict, but create a far more intriguing and public one in the process. Written by Bryan Hill Illustrated by Nelson Blake II Colored by Nelson Blake II and Kevin Lennertz Lettered […]

Batman #23 Featured Reviews
“Batman” #23

By | May 19, 2017 | Reviews

In ‘The Brave and the Mold,’ Tom King and Mitch Gerads present a well-written one-issue story that brings together elements of mystery, mysticism, deception, and dehumanization. Written by Tom King Illustrated and Colored by Mitch Gerads Lettered by Clayton Cowles In a new story The Brave and the Mold! Swamp Thing comes to Gotham City […]

Lazarus Sourcebook #2: Hock Reviews
“Lazarus Sourcebook” #2: Hock

By | May 12, 2017 | Reviews

Viewed through a distinctly unsympathetic lens, “Lazarus Sourcebook” #2: Hock showcases the brutality of the regime in place on the east coast of the United States and Cuba, as well as giving a generalized overview of their leader’s paranoid personality and methods. Written by Greg Rucka, Neal Bailey, David Brothers, Robert Mackenzie, David J. Walker, […]

The Walking Dead #167 Featured Reviews
“The Walking Dead” #167

By | May 5, 2017 | Reviews

After an intensely action-oriented sequence earlier, “The Walking Dead” shows a heart-wrenching end to a beloved character. Written by Robert Kirkman Illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano Colored by Cliff Rathburn Lettered by Rus Wooton “A CERTAIN DOOM” Is it possible, could it be, that the inevitable can somehow be… avoided? Rick and Andrea […]

Star Wars Darth Maul #3 Featured Reviews
“Star Wars: Darth Maul” #3

By | Apr 28, 2017 | Reviews

Through clever writing and engrossing artwork, “Star Wars: Darth Maul” #3 manages to stay compelling despite the near total lack of heroes. Written by Cullen Bunn Illustrated by Luke Ross Colored by Nolan Woodard Lettered by Vc’s Joe Caramagna An evil crime syndicate is auctioning off a Jedi Padawan…that Darth Maul plans to take – […]

“Super Sons” #3

By | Apr 21, 2017 | Reviews

Utilizing earlier stories, “Super Sons” manages to create a compelling supervillain origin and modus operandi while keeping the focus on its young heroes. Written by Peter J. Tomasi Illustrated by Jorge Jimenez Colored by Alejandro Sanchez Lettered by Rob Leigh “When I Grow Up” part three! It’s Super-Son vs Bat-Son as the exciting new series […]

American Gods #2 Featured Reviews
“American Gods Shadows” #2

By | Apr 14, 2017 | Reviews

Seemingly written for fans of the source material rather than new arrivals, “American Gods: Shadows” #2 continues to be a welcome story for both groups, whether to see the words transformed into artwork or to see the inter-deity intrigue unfold for the first time. Written by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell Illustrated by P. […]

Pestilence 1 Featured Reviews
Advance Review: “Pestilence” #1

By | Apr 4, 2017 | Reviews

Great for lovers of dark fantasy such as A Song of Ice and Fire or its television adaptation Game of Thrones, not to mention “The Walking Dead,” “Pestilence” brings the zombie apocalypse to the Middle Ages without skimping at all on any adult themes, making for an overall well made story that doesn’t feel forced […]


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