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hawkman-7-featured Reviews
“Hawkman” #7

By | Dec 14, 2018 | Reviews

As major revelations are displayed about Carter, his origins, and his overall mythology, Venditti, Hitch and team once again prove how “Hawkman” is one of the best series published by DC today. Written by Robert Venditti Pencilled by Bryan Hitch Inked by Bryan Hitch & Andrew Currie Colored by Jeremiah Skipper Lettered by Starkings & […]

Aquaman-Movie-Poster-Momoa-Featured Reviews

By | Dec 11, 2018 | Reviews

Aquaman is just as exciting as an action movie as it is in terms of world building and honouring a deep mythology. With a charismatic lead and a supporting cast that all contribute to a cohesive story, it draws viewers to the depths of the world and never lets go. Directed by James Wan Cast: […]

The-Green-Lantern-2-Featured Reviews
“The Green Lantern” #2

By | Dec 6, 2018 | Reviews

With this sophomore issue, “The Green Lantern” gradually makes its core plot thickens, placing Hal Jordan in the middle of a mystery that is testing his stamina both as a Green Lantern, but especially as a beat cop. With a combination of the traditional tropes readers have come to expect from Grant Morrison and some […]

“Dead Man Logan” #1

By | Nov 30, 2018 | Reviews

“Dead Man Logan” #1 is the beginning of the end for the adventures of the grizzled Logan from an alternate, desolate Marvel universe. And while it incorporates story elements from earlier in the series, it aims to be its own stand-alone narrative. But does it succeed in providing a proper send-off? Written by Ed Brisson […]

Uncanny-X-Men-Yu-Cover-2018-Featured Reviews
“Uncanny X-Men” #1

By | Nov 16, 2018 | Reviews

It has finally arrived. The much anticipated new volume of “Uncanny X-Men” was released on an extra-sized first issue that harkens back to a narrative style of old, combined with a more modern flare. And while it also brings some of the downside of past eras, it succeeds far more than it falls short. Written […]

xmen-red-10-featured Reviews
“X-Men Red” #10

By | Nov 9, 2018 | Reviews

How does a war based on fear and the conception on constant threat can be won? How can a group, fear and hated by a world they are sworn to protect, can win a battle without showing massive amounts of destruction capacity? It is this question that lies at the core of “X-Men Red” #10 […]

heroes-in-crisis-2-featured Reviews
“Heroes in Crisis” #2

By | Nov 1, 2018 | Reviews

A good murder mystery usually presents some core components to lure readers in and to keep them invested throughout the narrative. A complex, often impossible, situation. Suspects and suspicious events. An underlying theme, that seems to be just background noise and pervasiveness, until it raises its head as something more crucial. “Heroes in Crisis” #2 […]

Old Lady Harley 1 Featured Reviews
“Old Lady Harley” #1

By | Oct 25, 2018 | Reviews

Some characters in comics have so much exposure, have become so ingrained in fandom’s consciousness as a presence (rather than an individual) that it becomes harder to tell stories that feel truly unique or that move motivations and development further. Harley Quinn may be this generation’s biggest new example of that, with a seemingly superhero […]

aquaman-41-featured Reviews
“Aquaman” #41

By | Oct 19, 2018 | Reviews

Despite its connection to the upcoming “Justice League” ‘Drowned Earth’ crossover, “Aquaman” 41 still falls prey to its recent shortcomings, that of being unable to move past the themes of Arthur as a failed king and Atlantis as a troubled world power. Written by Dan Abnett Pencils by Lan Medina Inked by Vicente Cifuentes Colored […]

hawkman-5-featured Reviews
“Hawkman” #5

By | Oct 11, 2018 | Reviews

Some series and characters require a certain passion from their respective creative teams. That is sometimes caused by characters that have been overused, or who have been away from the spotlight for too long, or even those, like Hawkman, that are perceived by readers as “too complex” or whose backstories are too “impenetrable.” This is […]


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